As an aspiring author looking to make a name for himself, I often spend my time writing Supernatural and Sci-Fi fiction. I started writing casually 3 years ago, never thinking much of how it would one day help me find myself. And though I admittedly still a long way to go and many dues to pay, I take pride in knowing how far I’ve already come. When I first started writing it was nothing more than a hobby to me; a project I just happened to take an interest in at the time. But along the way I began to see a change – not just in the quality of my work but in myself as well. I was suddenly enthralled, not only by the specific story I was weaving, but by the others of which I began to dream.  I knew then that writing had become my passion, the thing that drove me each and every day. I could see the growth in my work, and the potential that still lie beneath the surface in wait. I worked daily, weaving together stories for my closest of friends to enjoy. That was my only plan originally, but before I knew it, I’d  created the foundation for my first novel and discovered a knack for creative writing.

Since that time, I’ve worked feverishly on my debut series, Affliction, a supernatural epic that follows a group of unique individuals fighting to survive in a post apocalyptic world filled with chaos and anarchy. If you’re interested to see my work, it can be found here on wattpad.com. And, if you like what you see, please feel free to vote and leave your feedback.

In the meantime, however, I should mention that this website will provide tips and advice to all writers, both established and aspiring. All information provided will based on my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned and the advice I’ve been given by others.