Chase The Dream

Image credit to Chuck Wendig

Image credit to Chuck Wendig

So you’ve decided to chase the dream of writing, have you? Well that’s fantastic news! But a word of warning: don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s a way to make an easy buck, cause brother you’ll be disappointed. Writing is, at its core, an amazing and deeply fulfilling part of my, and most all writers lives. But it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it almost never is. Those feelings are reserved for special occasions, IE: “Hell yeah, I finished my first manuscript!” And “holy shit I have an agent now!” Then there’s the intoxicating “Oh my fucking god, I have a publisher! Someone in the industry BELIEVES IN ME!”. And perhaps the most addicting, “Dear god I feel like I’m tripping balls on acid and rave dancing  in the nude with glow sticks shoved up my nose!” Er, something to that effect. I’m still waiting for that part, to be honest.

The point is: writing is a struggle against silence, and in those moments of silence we find ourselves; a piece of our humanity and truth. That’s what makes writing such an amazing, enthralling experience. So chase the dream, write a bunch of shit and then be honest with yourself when it sucks. Seriously. Finding the right words is like finding a needle in a haystack some days. But when you do find them, it makes all the difference. Being honest with yourself isn’t always easy but if you can just take a step back and look without biased eyes, you’ll see your work  as others do. BETA readers are great for early feedback. I have 2-3 people who read my work and provide feedback afterwards. One important thing to remember with focus and BETA groups, however, is that not all feedback or suggestions are necessarily right. It’s YOUR story here, use YOUR judgment, not just everything they suggest. The best thing to do is take their feedback under consideration. If you agree with it, use it. If not, thank them for their suggestions but politely decline that particular piece. Do what you do and write like a crazy person. Like Chuck Wendig says “Writer gonna write.”

What do you do to stay motivated? Do you use BETA readers while working on a manuscript? Leave your comments below.

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