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After a cosmic disaster leaves his home in ruin, Gage Williams awakens to a life in shambles. With everyone and everything he ever cared about now dead and gone, he can only mourn amidst the rubble as he desperately clutches the body of his beloved Rebecca. But from the ashes of the city he once called home, a new terror arises. Human souls, twisted by high levels of radiation, spawn tales of modern day demons that ravage the land and ransack the remnants of a quickly crumbling society.

Gage valiantly fights to protect his love, but in the midst of chaos and confusion, a mysterious demon appears and steals Rebecca away. Anguish and rage ignite within Gage as a frightening transformation unfolds and he finds that he, too, has been forever changed by the radiation. Now he must travel through a dying land, meeting others like himself and fending off the monsters of a new world as he struggles to maintain his sense of humanity. Can Gage find the demon responsible for his suffering? Or will his obsession lead him down a dark path stained with blood?

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